Goldsmiths' Fair - The Prime Warden's Private Viewing

Tuesday 25th September 2018

Of the many invitations that a Master receives, the invitation from the Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths' Company to a private viewing of the annual Goldsmiths' Fair generated a disproportinate amount of excitement in the household. The Mistress was quite insistent that our reply be prompt and that there would be no circumstances that would cause us to miss the occasion, come hell or high water. Thankfully the wishes of the Master and Mistress were in complete accord. Not only is the event special in the Livery autumn calendar but the Prime Warden this year is our own Past Master Michael Prideaux. There was no question that we would not attend although I did make a mental note that it was to be 'sans credit card'.

Set in the magnificent hall and chambers of Goldsmiths' Hall, our host was the apotheosis of gracious hospitality. We were joined by many other Masters and Consorts along with prominent figures from the industry and the City. The vision of so many Livery and civic badges of office was almost as dazzling as the array of fine jewellery and precious goods on display. Dark sunglasses would have sold well that night had an enterprising soul considered it.

It was quite the social occasion. As we took a turn around the fair, we were stopped many times by people that we knew including one of our newest Freemen, Adam Spielman, and his wife Amanda. It became clear that there was some shopping to be done that evening by the Spielman's so, with a fond adieu, we left them to it and I steered the Mistress on and away from expensive temptation.

Our evening concluded enjoying some eyecatching displays of vases and cups. These were exceptional pieces exemplifying the very finest skills in precious metalwork today. It was a privilege to be part of this extraordinary event.