Autumn Court and Dinner

Thursday 20th September 2018

It has become the tradition of our Company to hold its Autumn Court and Dinner onboard HQS Wellington, moored on the Thames just within the boundaries of the City. The ship is home to The Honourable Company of Master Mariners and it is the only Livery Hall afloat! The Court's business was varied on this occasion but most notable was the admission to the Freedom of the Company four exceptional new members followed by the gowning of three Liverymen. A bumper harvest!

With all ceremony complete and the Court's business done, we retired to the Quarter Deck for drinks and then a very fine dinner prepared by the ship's caterers, Cook & Butler. We had the great honour of being joined by the Master Mariner, Captain Rob Booth, who delighted the assembly with a short history of HQS Wellington not in a speech but in the form of a poem penned by his own hand. It was a delight that made the occasion truly memorable.

The night was balmy and perfect for the enjoyment of port and cigars at the end of our evening as we took in the view of the glittering Thames reflecting the nightscene of the South Bank. Perfect!