Modern Livery Companies Dinner

Monday 10th September 2018

Tallow Chandlers Hall was the venue for the Modern Livery Companies Dinner, a venue well known to the Tobacco Pipe Makers. It was here that the founding fathers of the Third Company held their first Court Meeting so I felt very much at home in its welcoming, wood panelled chambers. The current Hall dates back to 1672 but it replaced a much older, medieval Hall that had burnt down in the Great Fire of London. And here we were being hosted by Andy Mayes, the Master Firefighter. Would that his Company had been on hand back in 1666! To great applause, we were regaled with stories and many bon mots from the Principal Guest & Speaker, Sir Andrew Parmley, a fellow Tobacco Pipe Maker. With spirits lifted, the evening drew to its close with thanks to the Firefighters for their successful stewardship of this thoroughly enjoyable six-monthly event and we welcomed in the Hackney Carriage Drivers who will take care of the next occasion.