Past Masters' Dinner

Thursday 6th September 2018

Whilst a relatively recent addition to the Master's cycle of events, the Past Master's Dinner has the feel of a longstanding tradition. By courtesy of PM Charles Miller, the gathering of the Past Masters took place at the In & Out Naval and Military Club in St James's Square. The premises is a spacious townhouse constructed in the early 18th Century and has been lived in by a long line of illustrious owners, including Viscount Astor and his wife Nancy Astor, the first woman to sit in Parliament in 1919. It turns out that our dining room was previously Nancy's bedroom and, unsurprisingly, it enjoys by far the best view of what would have been the garden; the courtyard today. The Past Masters enjoyed champagne and cigars on the balcony before retiring inside for a delicious meal and conversation. The occasion is an opportunity for the Master to sound out the PM's about current matters concerning the Company. The evening's discourse was open leaving the Master with plenty of ideas and advice to consider. With business complete, the party descended to the courtyard for coffee, port and more cigars...