Concert by the Band of the Royal Yeomanry

Wednesday 1st August 2018

The Royal Yeomanry is the senior light cavalry regiment of the British Army Reserve. Mounted in light armoured vehicles, it is a fast and highly mobile reconnaissance force with substantial firepower. Royal Yeomanry soldiers train and serve alongside their regular Army Counterparts, 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards. As befits such a regiment, it has a remarkable 35-piece band which not only provides a full marching band for miltary parades but also woodwind and brass ensembles, concert, traditional jazz and big bands.

Each summer, the Band of the Royal Yeomanry provide an open-air concert for the City in Guildhall Yard which to me seemed too good to miss. As it turned out, it was a beautiful, warm and balmy evening and, with little else going on in the City that evening, it was a perfect and calm setting for the occasion.

Lead and conducted by Major Roy Falshaw, Director of Music, the large crowd was entertained to a varied and exciting repertoire. This ranged from wartime pieces such as Eagle Squadron, familiar marches, UK airs and national tunes, pieces from The King and I and Sister Act and many more. The grand finale was a stunning medley of James Bond movie hits. For one magical hour, the audience was captivated; swept along by the energy of the band and marvelling at the quality and finesse of the musicians. A summer treat!

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