Installation Court and Luncheon

Thursday 7th June 2018

Saddlers' Hall

I can't hide the fact that the Mistress and I experienced mixed emotions on stepping down today. Nevertheless, we are both firmly of the view that the Company benefits from the annual turnover of new ideas and blood. So, I woke up with my Mistress today, and I shall go to sleep with my wife of almost 41 years. We have had a wonderful year.

After a fairly straightforward Court meeting where we approved 3 new applicants to the freedom, installed a freeman and gowned a liveryman; it was a great pleasure to install my successor, Roger Brookes. He and Sally are perfectly qualified to carry the baton of leadership. Moreover, I am confident in our pipeline of future Masters. Apart from a slight confusion on my part regarding Grace; the Installation Court, luncheon and speeches were executed perfectly. I was delighted to see Margaret Evison propose a toast to the Master and Company. The Mark Evison Foundation has done wonderful work in recent years and deserves our Benevolent Fund's support.

The reception in the Saddlers' Yard was delightful. It was a very good day to bow out. Thank you, Master for organising an excellent lunch in such a beautiful hall.