Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace: 1918 -2018 - Exhibition & Reception

Monday 30th April 2018

Guildhall Yard and Art Gallery

In November, many nations will mark the centenary of armistice. Photographer Michael St Maur Sheil unveiled his latest Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace exhibition in Guildhall Yard. This is the third time that his unique photographs of the battlefields of the First World War have been displayed by the City of London. Although it was a cool, damp afternoon, the photographs and commentaries were captivating, to the extent that I and several other masters were reluctant to go inside for canapés and speeches. What was conveyed in this exhibition was the breadth of the conflict. It is too easy to think of the First World War as a European conflict focused on the Western Front but countries across the globe suffered losses during conflict. The photographs are remarkable.