Modern Companies Dinner

Thursday 13th September 2012

John Nokes, Senior Warden and I represented the Company the Autumn Modern Companies Dinner at Staple Inn Hall, where we were guests of the Worshipful Company of Actuaries and their Master, Bill Smith. He told us that Staple Inn, right on the boundary of the City on High Holborn, derived its name from the place where goods destined for the City had to be 'stapled' before they could be sold. In front of him, as he spoke, was a magnificent hour glass containing enough sand to run for two hours and forty minutes, the theory being that dinners should be completed before the actuarial sands of time had run their course. I am happy to report that last night's company complied.

The Guest Speaker was Alderman and Sheriff Elect Jeffrey Evans, who paid tribute to the vitality that the Modern Companies, numbering over 30 in all, contribute to the Livery. We are a relatively old Modern Company and fourth on the list, having been re-established in 1954. This means that we can start to look forward to our very own Diamond Jubilee in 2014.