Liz Green supporters evening

Monday 23rd April 2018

Carpenters' Hall

The Shrieval Elections on 25th June will be an exciting event for all, except the three candidates who are contesting the position of non-Aldermanic Sheriff. A contested election is rare but three candidates running for the position puts this year's election into the hen's teeth category.

It is questionable whether the election machinery at Guildhall is prepared for such an event. Elections are usually done on a show of hands with the present sheriffs appointed as scrutineers. Common Hall is a popular event with overspill into other rooms; not a problem when there are just two candidates for the Aldermanic and non-Aldermanic positions. With three candidates for non-Aldermanic Sheriff, it is going to be interesting.

I "bent the knee" to Liz Green on the day she announced her intention to run. I had met her on several occasions during my year as Senior Warden when Liz was Master Framework Knitter. Sometimes you meet someone and immediately take notice. That's what I felt when I met Liz. As she has campaigned and worked the City intensively by appearing at many events, serving on committees and engaging with liverymen, Liz has grown in stature and I am confident she will prove to be an excellent Sheriff.

I have known the other candidates for some time: Gwen Rhys for as long as I have known Liz and Richard Fleck for two decades. Both would be good Sheriffs and would have my support in any other circumstances but one can only support one candidate and I am supporting Liz Green. I would urge fellow liverymen to put their support behind Liz and vote on 25 June. I would also advise you to get there early and be seated near to the front, in sight of the scrutineers.

Liz Green's campaign team held a supporters evening at Carpenters' Hall. It was a jolly affair attended by more than 300 people, including many friends from the "circuit". While Liz was holding court at one end of the room, I was delighted to see Immediate Past Master Charles Miller looking very dapper and holding court at the other end. It was a fun event.