Actuaries' Court Lunch for Masters and Clerks

Wednesday 18th April 2018

Wax Chandlers' Hall

In an earlier life, when I worked in insurance, I spent much time with actuaries and the joke that an actuary was someone who found accountancy too exciting is simply unfair. They may be highly intelligent and see the world in numbers but they can be good company. Master Actuary, Nick Dumbreck, delivered a witty and entertaining speech, with precision timing, welcoming his guests. My Manchester United allegiance was mentioned in the same breath as West Bromwich Albion; the team that had demonstrated, at the weekend, why City rather than United were the worthy winners of the English Premiership League.

The food and wine were excellent and I was delighted to be sat next to Actuaries IPM, Sally Bridgeland and Past Master Huw Wynne-Griffith (who is also a watch aficionado). It was a nice touch that Masters were invited from the companies which proudly count David Parrott as honourary chaplain. Clearly, David was so shocked by the gesture that he left the country for some considerable time. We looked forward to his return and raised a glass in his absence.