Smoking Club

Monday 26th March 2018

The Boot and Flogger, SE1

The Smoking Club is great fun. You don't have to smoke to enjoy the evening but it helps. By its nature, the venues are places where there are arrangements for smokers. Those who do smoke at a Smoking Club evening tend to enjoy fine cigars and, as a result, there can be a great deal of cigar smoke to enjoy passively. The winter has been long and exceptionally cold and on a late March evening, we assembled in a courtyard at the back of the Boot and Flogger on the south side of the river. The Tobacco Pipe Makers' smoking caps were particularly useful. It's a fascinating hostelry just south of Borough Market with the air of a 19th century drinking establishment. As you will see from the photographs, participants were bathed in the red glow of outdoor heaters (and we needed them). The Smoking Club is an opportunity to meet potential members of the Company who are considering joining. I had the pleasure of meeting with two potential members. My son James, has also become a regular visitor to the Club in recent years.