Election Court

Tuesday 20th March 2018

Armourers' Hall

I cannot believe the year has gone so quickly. The main business of the Election Court is to re-elect the officers of the Company (I was relieved when our Learned Clerk, Treasurer and Beadle agreed to stand for re-election) and to elect the next Master and his wardens. That's it. I am almost history!

I shall be succeeded by Roger Brookes when he is installed in June. He and Sally are going to have a fabulous year. I was delighted to install Harry Borovick, Rae Maile and Simon Millson as freeman and gown Baron Stephan von Schilling in the livery. There was other business for the Court to consider but my main job was to finish by 12:30 for the reception, to avoid the risk of the champagne getting warm. The Mistress had organised a tour of Charterhouse for spouses and past mistresses. It was a relief when she, and her party, also arrived at the reception on time.

Armourers' Hall is rather impressive with plenty of mediaeval hardware on show. The food provided by Cook & Butler was very good and I enjoyed the Rubicon with the main course. The star of the show was the Mistress who proposed a toast to the Company and Master. A thoroughly enjoyable day.