Plaisterers' Masters and Wardens' dinner

Tuesday 9th January 2018

Plaisterers' Hall

My first livery event of the new year took place at Plaisterers' Hall on London Wall. The dinner generously provided for the masters and clerks of more than 120 companies was a magnificent affair. The Plaisterers have the largest dining hall in the City which can seat 350. This evening, we had a top table with 11 sprigs. I had a perfect spot on the centre sprig surrounded by the Goldsmith's Clerk (a retired diplomat), some Plaisterers, Master Painter Stainer, Master Chartered Surveyor and the Clerk to the Merchant Taylors (a retired Admiral). There was excellent conversation and, despite the numbers, the food was delicious. Master Plaisterer, his principal guest, Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths, together with The Clerk to the Plaisterers, gave some excellent and witty speeches. Music was provided by Apollo 5 before we retired for a Stirrup Cup. A great start to 2018!