The Lord Mayor's Show

Saturday 11th November 2017

The City

At 11 o' clock, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, some 99 years ago since hostilities ceased; the band and shuffling feet stopped on Gresham Street for a two minutes silence. To be safe, the silence was at least three minutes. We heard the bands and cheers start on Cheapside but we remained silent on Gresham Street until the band some 50 metres ahead struck up. The drizzle that had depressed the City at 09:30 had also lifted. The choice of the fair weather gown proved to be correct and we (and the 100 plus other floats and participants) were in high spirits. I had participated in two previous Lord Mayor's Shows and this proved to be the first dry run. Sans pleut, the parade trotted along at a good pace. The crowds were in excellent spirit and, before long, we had doffed our caps to the newly installed Lord Mayor at Mansion House and waved at the TV cameras. A quick left then a right, past the St Paul's chicane and we were climbing up the hill from Ludgate Circus to the Royal Courts of Justice. The crowds cheered and welcomed high fives right up to our pit stop at HQS Wellington. The Tobacco Pipe Makers have a reputation for turning sparkling chardonnay into something very palatable at HQS Wellington with a selection of hip flasks of Sloe Gin, Scottish Water and King's Ginger. 2017 was no exception on the mobile bar front and the clanking of metal hip flasks was warmly welcomed by other walkers. We were soon back on to the Embankment at 13:30 and the parade set off on the climb back up to Mansion House. There were many more high fives and cheers as the bands set the pace on the home leg.

It was a wonderful day. Many thanks to Senior Warden, Roger Brookes and Renter Warden, Andrew Golding for making it a Lord Mayor's Show to remember. Credit to my son, James, for some of the photographs.