Framework Knitters' Livery Banquet

Friday 27th October 2017

Fishmongers' Hall

The Mistress and I were guests of the Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters at their Livery Banquet at Fishmongers' Hall. It was a splendid evening in one of the most impressive of London's 40 Livery Company Halls. Although I have been in Fishmongers' Hall during the day, at night, when the chandeliers are candle lit and there is that wonderful view over the Thames and London Bridge, the Hall is magical. As guests enjoyed champagne in white tie and evening dress, we had the opportunity to chat to fellow Masters and consorts on the the circuit. We also got an update from Liz Green (Immediate Past Master Framework Knitter) on her campaign to be elected non-aldermanic sheriff.

A highlight of a visit to Fishmongers' Hall is the opportunity to view Pietro Annigoni's 1955 portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth II. No photographs are allowed but it is probably the best known of Annigoni's portraits.

Dinner was a salmon terrine, followed by pan-friend sea bream with some excellent wines. Entertainment came in the form of 5 songs from Instant Sunshine, who are well known to Radio 4 listeners. The entertainment continued with a response to the toast to the Lord Mayor and City Corporation from Dame Fiona and Nicholas Woolf working as a very good double act. Master, Peter White, delivered an excellent response and invited us to partake in the Stirrup Cup before setting off home. A delightful evening.