Pembroke House Community Lunch

Thursday 26th October 2017

Tatum Street, Walworth

I have a soft spot for Pembroke House. The Benevolent Fund has supported two projects at Pembroke House for several years and Fiona Adler is a trustee (the only trustee who is not an alumnus of Pembroke College, Cambridge). Pembroke House has been a focal point for the Walworth community since 1885. It was an Oxbridge mission serving a very deprived community in south-east London; a role it continues to fulfil today. The Rev'd David Evans leads an inspirational team that provides activities which bring people of very different backgrounds together. For example, the Community Lunch included the Lord Mayor, Fiona Adler, representatives from several livery companies and local residents. We ate a delicious lunch and were treated to a performance by the Academy of Music. It took a great deal of effort by the Learned Clerk and me to avoid being included in a class being run by the Inclusive Dance group. After lunch, we enjoyed two remarkable performances by Janice, a highly talented 10 year old violinist, and Joshua, a cellist, who has won a music scholarship to Dulwich College. The Pembroke House team are very grateful to the Benevolent Fund for the support they receive but I believe that we should be grateful for having such a worthwhile cause to support.