Fan Makers' Selection Court Dinner

Thursday 19th October 2017

Skinners' Hall

The Selection Court Dinner with the Fan Makers presented an opportunity to return to Skinners’ Hall for the first time since my Installation. It is a favourite of mine with outdoor space for those who may wish to enjoy a cigar. The Fan Makers are based at Skinners Hall, having secured a “tenancy” over 20 years ago.

The Learned Clerk and I were invited to dinner following the Court Meeting, when new freemen and liverymen are admitted to the Company. One new freeman was a delightful young lady who actually made fans in Greenwich. I sat on the top table between Master Innholder and Master Lightmonger. The conversation was lively and the food and wine was delicious. The principal guest was the City's Remembrancer, Paul Double LVO. His speech was about the office of Remembrancer which was established in 1571. He acts as the communication channel between the City and Parliament and is entitled to sit opposite the Speaker in the House of Commons. He must be doing something right because the Green Party has demanded that the position be abolished. Master Fan Maker, Marshall Blaker, responded with a witty and humorous speech before inviting us to partake in the Stirrup Cup. A very pleasant evening.