Sheep Drive

Sunday 24th September 2017

London Bridge

The Learned Clerk, IPM Charles Miller, Assistant Elise Rasmussen, Freeman Courtney Rasmussen and I decided to exercise our ancient civic right to drive sheep across London Bridge without fear of tolls. This event, organised each year by the Worshipful Company of Woolmen, raises funds for the Lord Mayors' Appeal and Woolmen's Charitable Funds. It was my first Sheep Drive and I wasn't sure what to expect. This is a very slick operation allowing at least two hundred participants to drive sheep. I was expecting a terrified flock but, in reality, we crossed about a quarter of the Bridge and the sheep were very relaxed until someone mentioned mint sauce. The event was opened by national treasure, Mary Berry, who has extended her baking talents to shepherd's pie. My son, James, arrived with a camera and he should take the credit for the photograph's. When the flock had reached a place of safety, the Mistress and I joined Elise for a birthday lunch in honour of Courtney. The menu was meat free which seemed very appropriate.