Reception for the presentation of the Shrieval Chain

Monday 18th September 2017

Pewterers' Hall

From the first opportunity I had to see and hear Tim Hailes, I was confident that he would make an excellent sheriff and, in due course, I hope, Lord Mayor. I was very happy to contribute to his Shrieval Chain Appeal. There's an added bonus as our very own, Fiona Adler, is Tim's "Wingman" or Consort. The reception for supporters took place at Pewterer's Hall and I had the opportunity to have a convivial chat with Master Pewterer, Rod Kent. Alderman Sir David Wootton chaired the Shrieval Chain Appeal and he delivered a very entertaining speech. It appears that the family had turned over the Sherif Elect's school reports to Sir David; a gold mine for undermining anyone's credibility. Tim responded with a description of his coat of arms and how various facets of his life have been incorporated in the design, including portraits of his two pet dogs.