British Red Cross private viewing of artwork by Jeremy Houghton

Thursday 14th September 2017

Cavalry and Guards Club

It was a quick dash from Fishmongers' Hall back to the flat for a quick change before heading to the Cavalry & Guards Club in Mayfair. We were treated to a private viewing of paintings and prints produced by the very talented Jeremy Houghton. What Houghton seeks to capture in many of his works is movement; be it Ben Ainslie's challenge to win the America's Cup, a DB3 leading the field at Goodwood or a Royal Ascot Procession. We were tempted to purchase an Aston DB5 in Scotland but it was just a bit too Skyfall for my wallet. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant evening enjoyed in the company of other Masters and their Mistresses / Consorts. We got home to see Simon Rattle and the LSO performance relayed to an audience in the Sculpture Yard.