City Livery Halls Walk

Thursday 14th September 2017

HQS Wellington – Fishmongers’ Hall

This was my second City Livery Halls Walk, organised by W/C of Environmental Cleaners. I was a veteran of the 2016 Walk with Charles Miller which took place on an unseasonably hot September’s day. This time, it was dry and relatively cool. I was accompanied by the Mistress for the 9 miles and 40 livery halls. We gathered for breakfast on HQS Wellington and, after a detailed Health & Safety briefing and photographs, we set off for Apothecaries’ Hall. With some 50 or so walkers in the City of London, where crossing roads is becoming more hazardous each year, it was testament to the careful planning that we reached each of the destinations without loss of life. Deep in EC1, we arrived at the Information Technologists’ Hall to be greeted by Master Chris Histead with a tray of port. I seldom drink port before 10 ‘o clock in the evening but, at 10am, the glass was very welcome and went down nicely. Coffee was taken at the newly refurbished Salters’ Hall. By noon, we reached the Armourers’ Hall for lunch and a glass or two of wine. The day flew past as we were expertly guided through the City wearing our gowns and badges. Tourists stopped to take selfies with the assembled Masters. Our final stop was the magnificent Fishmongers’ Hall by London Bridge for a refreshing glass of sauvignon blanc. Thank you to the Master Environmental Cleaner for organising another successful and enjoyable walk.