City Livery Club Civic Reception and Luncheon

Tuesday 18th July 2017

The Mansion House

The City Livery Club was founded in 1914 and its cardinal objective was to “bind together in one organisation Liverymen of the various Guilds by bonds of common interest in defence of all the citizens hold dear…in service to the ancient Corporation and in maintenance of the priceless City churches.” Little has changed since then and membership of the Club is representative of practically all the Livery Companies who still make up the bulk of the membership which numbers around 800. The Club is now located at Bell Wharf Lane on the River Thames where it shares the facilities of the Little Ship Club. I joined the Club two years ago and this was the first Civic Reception I have attended.

The Reception and Luncheon is held every year at Mansion House in honour of the principal resident, the Rt. Hon. Lord Mayor. It was a cosy affair hosted by the Club President Alderman John Garbutt and approximately 250 others in attendance. Morning coat and hats for the ladies was the order of the day. The Lord Mayor was accompanied by Sheriff Peter Estlin and Sheriff-elect Neil Redcliffe. It was a splendid occasion with a reception in the Salon before we were called into the cooler air-conditioned Egyptian Hall to eat. There were 12 Masters attending and our respective companies were announced by the President. The Mistress and I enjoyed the poulet starter, followed by stone bass and raspberry dessert. The food at Mansion House has certainly improved since my last dinner there. It bodes well for our Banquet in October. Don’t forget to get your bookings in soon!

The President proposed the loyal and civic toasts and presented the Root and Branch Award to Keith Lawrey, nominated by the Hackney Carriage Drivers, and a Lifetime Achievement Award to Mrs Penrose Halson, nominated by the Turners. The Lord Mayor responded with a highly energetic and amusing speech which reminded us all why London is the greatest city in the world for work, life and culture.