Order of St John annual service of Commemoration and Re-dedication

Sunday 25th June 2017

St Paul's Cathedral

It is always a privilege to attend an event at St Paul’s and the Mistress and I were keen accept an invitation to the Order of St John service. We met our Learned Clerk, Sandra Stocker, and made our way to St Paul’s. As we got within a few hundred metres of the West Door, it appeared that our Learned Clerk was a celebrity and was well known to almost everyone in the on the steps of the Cathedral. Sandra is a superstar and being one of her party was an immediate introduction to the great and good of the City. Swooping upon us, wearing the most elegant of black gowns of the Order, Past Master Mark Gower-Smith placed us in excellent seats under the Dome. There followed a complex pageant as banners and important persons moved around the Cathedral with perfect choreography. Our Learned Clerk was happy with the service and the Mistress and I were humbled by being a part of such a wonderful experience. Outside, many more people wanted to say hello to Sandra; we were introduced to several more important persons in the Order; The Lord Mayor and his entourage paraded while the band played on in Paternoster Square. A special day.