Dining Out, Coq D'Argent, No.1 Poultry

Wednesday 24th May 2017

Each livery has its own way of disposing of its Masters and, in ours, the Wardens take the Master and Mistress out for a slap up meal somewhere a bit 'up market'. Always organised by the Senior Warden, Ralph had chosen the popular and very fine Coq D'Argent, located on the roof of No.1 Poultry and, when in residence, managed by our liveryman, Sean Gavin. It is blessed with fine outside seating areas and a heated terrace and so has become extremely popular with smokers of all hues as one might imagine. Meet for aperatifs around 7.15, Ralph pressed a mellow cigar into my hand which went down very well before we went through to our table at 8pm. Usually this dinner is hosted by just the Wardens, but this year as a special exception, the IPM, Chris Allen and his wife Mary joined us too which was very pleasant - who knows, they may have added to our list of traditions (we'll see..!). We all dined famously well and Ralph, who has an eye (or tongue?) for wine chose some lovely bottles. I was sat between Maureen, incoming Mistress, and Sally Brookes (and of course a Merton by any other guise) and enjoyed some very convivial chats with both. It was pretty late when we broke up (3rd Warden Andrew Golding had already left for a train) and Ralph suggested a night cap on the terrace to which I was pleased to offer a choice of cigars. I was surprised to find it was just past midnight when we finally rose and said our farewells. Thank you boys for a lovely evening -- I hope Ralph is as lucky next year!