Pewter Live, Pewterers' Hall

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Parking in Gresham Street, the hall is just a short walk and so dressed somewhat magnificently, if less my topper, the Mistress and I entered via a small marquee located to the right of the main building and ran straight into the Master Pewterer, Rod Kent whom I’ve mentioned before is a fellow 18th Century lover. He found us both a drink and, with a few interruptions, gave us the ‘Masters Tour’ of this charming exhibition – and yes, it’s a selling exhibition down stair and prize display upstairs. I encouraged Rod to take us to the main event upstairs first (!) and we saw some very fine and novel examples of the art – some of it provided by fellow liverymen. There was clever table by a Furniture Maker with a pewter-lined flip top, but I neglected to snap it; Chris Histead, Master IT Pro had entered some very good pendants inspired by Neolithic arrow heads (which I understand have won the Masters Prize) and there were some very clever lamps too. Although we arrived towards the end of the evening (about 7.15, it was due to last until 8.00) I caught up with several other Masters – and one or two IPM’s – around the room including Richard Fleck (Tallow Chandler) whom I insisted on showing the remarkable Punta Cana hoard now permanently displayed there. Whilst I was circulating, Camilla was buying and came away with a very pretty pewter leaf key fob, in fact several Masters were buying their official gifts there too.. As we were thinking of leaving we bumped into Bindy, the Mistress who’s always very welcoming. We got back to the car by 8.40 and were home half and hour later, pretty well done in, and had a light bite having finally changed from our garden party finery!