Memorial Service for PM John Adler, St Lawrence Jewry

Friday 12th May 2017

We were deeply saddened as a Livery to learn of John’s death in March this year – he was universally beloved and happened to be the chap who introduced me to the Company. He played a huge and varied role over the years and only stopped attending Court within the last year. He is, and will be, greatly missed as a wise friend to all always with a sage word or observation. This service was a chance for us to come together to mourn his untimely passing and hear the family share some of the many good times they had with him. We welcomed the Lord Mayor and his wife who sat with the Mistress and myself at the front by the sword rest and, during the service, two Guildhall students performed one of John’s favourite pieces of music – Now I am the ruler of the Queen’s Navee from Gilbert & Sullivan’s ‘H.M.S. Pinafore’ – it was all the LM and myself could do not to join in the chorus responses (and I rather think John would have been tickled if we had!). As usual with this sort of service, the person who would have enjoyed it most couldn’t join us, but we were with him in spirit and know that, wherever he is now, he’ll be making the best of it and hopefully enjoying an eternal pipe of his favourite tobacco. After the service there was a reception at Girdlers’ Hall but, alas, we had to be in Bristol and so joined the Friday exodus..