Smoking Club at the Soho Whiskey Club, Old Compton Street

Wednesday 8th March 2017

Leaving work in good time to be at the start, I was thwarted by various bay and road closures in the area and, once I'd been swept north of Oxford St it was hopeless, no roads seem to run where you need them and it took near half and hour to get back to Old Compton St! The Whiskey Club is a specialist shop with a nice little terrace on top - very discreet as there's no street signage at all. As I was late our Club was well into its stride with a good turnout enjoying a fine selection of cigars - Assistant Colin Ritchie kindly pressed one of his retirement collection on me and, beer in hand I settled in. In addition to Tony Scanlan and his MC team (Elise, Jemma and Jerry), there were variously about 20-30 or so stallworts and guests and it was as one might expect of our Livery, very convivial - the time passed quickly and with numbers thinning, I went in search of forage with Tim (IPM's son) and mutual pal, Max. Thank you to the Membership Committee for an excellent evening in another novel location!