Glass Sellers' Ravenscroft Lecture, Barclays Canary Wharf

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Going from a lunch that ended at. 4.45 to a lecture that starts at 6pm is, possibly, rash. Departing the quaint charms of H.Q.S. Wellington, I arrived with Philip Morrish (Master Environmental Cleaner) by tube to Canary Wharf in all it's terrifying modern splendour - not my thing at all. Locating Barclays (?HQ), we ascended to level 30 where the WC Glass Sellers (Master Peter Rawlandson, also a Liveryman of TPM's) met us and we were given a drink to add to the luncheon ones... The room was... huge, so high - it was a very appropriate location for this Livery as it was entirely made of glass. We met several of the other Masters from lunch and carried on much where we left off.. a couple of drinks in we were invited to sit and Peter introduced us to three Barclays employees who were each going to talk/present. The main thrust was how Barclays were involving children in modern technologies and how these should be embraced not afeared, and the various programmes they've developed to help. Phrases like "work experiance pod" were talked over and then shown on a video. It all looked laudable, clever and "relevant", however it also made me (one of the younger Masters) thank God I didn't have to do what modern children appear to do to find jobs, I never felt older or more obsolete but that's the way it goes. As I had a private function in Covent Garden to get to, I didn't stay after the Q&A's but left with clearly much to dwell - and catch up on!