Makers' of Playing Cards Annual Banquet; Mansion House

Monday 5th December 2016

The IPM Maker of Playing Cards, Charles Fowler, invited the Mistress and self to their huge Installation Banquet, a capacity event held in the main 'Egyptian' dining room - 303 diners in total, and including the Lord Mayor and his Sherrifs, and as if that wasn't enough, I found our very own David Parrott was almost my neighbour on top table - let anyone in it seems - at least he was able to bring his wife Sue, so there was an up side! The Master, Richard Wells had, like all his predecessors, commissioned a bespoke brace packs of playing cards - this years was with a Great Fire theme, and presented them to every guest - I was delighted. The theme extended to the floral arrangements which were orange and black flowers with singed playing cards scattered throughout! At the speeches the Senior Warden spoke in the course of which they'd assembled a small choir to serenade the Lord Mayor.. in his response, the Lord Mayor and his Sheriffs (calling themselves the "Brexit Boys") responded in kind - it's going to be a musical year whether you like it or not - fortunately we all loved it! In fact the drinks and dinner were accompanied by the very competent Military Orchestra - who performed the famous Post Horn Gallop from the balconies to a great roar of approval. As the speeches ran over a little, the pressure was on to make a swift exit as Mansion House fine companies a cool £1000 for every 15 minutes they remain past 11pm, Nice work if you can get it! Thank you Charles and Richard for a lovely evening.