CCLA Annual Lecture, Drapers' Hall

Monday 21st November 2016

This was the second "Power, Reputation & Influence" lecture organised by fund managers CCLA and Marylebone Executive Search. Staged in the delightful Drapers' Hall, it was attended by around two hundred or so drawn mainly from the charity and livery circuits. It was given by Lord Carlile of Berriew CBE QC who spoke with conviction for just over half an hour on Cyber Activism, Terrorism and the Role of Business. It was very informative - as this becomes an ever more serious crime the nefarious types who do it become ever more inventive. Questions, somewhat confusingly, were taken and answered in batches of three - predictably the question of how "Brexit" will inform this debate arose and Lord C gamely responded that he knew as much as the Prime Minister about this, i.e. absolutely nothing! (well, he is a Liberal peer of course!). That all done, we repaired to a reception and enjoyed some wine and nibbles. Saw the out-going Master Baker still declaring innocence for the Great Fire - good try! and some nice people from assorted Charities. Despite the stormy night, I'd elected to arrive by motorbike and had a fair run there but didn't stay too late for the journey home. Pausing only to inspect an early portrait of Charles I who had very different ideas about Power, Reputation and Influence, I pushed on. Luckily it was dry, but within five minutes of getting in biblical storms began and I was very relieved to be home!