Sir Lionel Denny Lecture (Barber Surgeons)

Wednesday 16th November 2016

Running since 1977, this years lecture was given by Dr. Alixe Bovey. Attended only by Masters and Mistresses, and there was a strong turn out. The Master Barber Surgeon, Prof James Carley, introduced Dr. Bovey who's head of research at the Courtauld and a medievilist with interests in illumunated manuscripts and illustrative history; she had chosen to talk on the origins and relationship to the City of Gog and Magog - those giants that are often seen in old prints and which the Basket Maker's have created huge examples of to parade in the Lord Mayor's Show. It was an absorbing lecture and highly interesting, taking us back to Romano-Celtic origins all the way to relatively modern times. After questions and comments, the Barbers put on a very generous reception with delicious canapes and wine and it was a pleasure to meet Dr. Bovey who gamely enjoy a pinch of snuff. It was all very sociable and no surprise when Philip Morrish, the Master Environmental Cleaner and I found we were, once again, the last to leave..