Lord Mayor's Annual Address to the Livery

Wednesday 16th November 2016

Every year, just after the Lord Mayor's Show, the Mayor summons all of the Livery Masters and their Clerks to his Official Residence at the Mansion House. Waiting, tea in hand, a massive crash on a gong brought us to order and doors to the magnificent Egyptian Hall swung open. Once we were seated, Dr. Parmley arrived and laid out his plan and direction for the year. As one might expect from a Musician and educator, music, learning and education featured strongly and will be much in evidence. He also introduced us to his team and admitted that for the next year, his life basically wasn't his own! We watched a short presentation about musical charities and then, with mercifully few questions being asked, we went back to the former salon for a champagne reception. Many fellow Masters were also attending the Sir Lionel Denny lecture at Barber Surgeons Hall a little later, thus a little posse of us set off at about 5.30 to walk up to Barbican..