SLJ's Altar Frontal Dedication Service

Tuesday 25th October 2016

As many of you know our Chaplain, the Revd Canon David Parrott is not exclusively ours.. as Guild Vicar he's the main link to our Lord for another ten Companies no less, so when he wants a new altar frontal, he gets one! Happily his words were acted upon by the talented Vivienne Havell (Liveryman of the WC Gold and Silver Wire Drawers) and Amanda MacEachen and they designed and embroidered a bespoke new frontal for the altar. It's a glorious bit of work and rammed with symbolic motifes connected to St. Lawrence - including the perseid meteor shower which occurs anunally around his supposed birthday of the 10th August. There is a booklet at SLJ's which explains it all in detail - so I won't dent the rush by giving it all away here! Behind is an equally impressive set of crests from each of the David's companies - all eleven of us and who all contributed to this splendid pairing. The quality of needlework is outstanding and, if David's sermons aren't enough to tempt you to church, then a peak at this should be..