London Air Ambulance Reception: Grand Temple Lodge

Wednesday 19th October 2016

The Freemasons provide significant support to the London Air Ambulance and so it was only natural that they hosted the venue for this Livery fundraiser. Supported by many Companies, it was good to see old friends. After a suitable time had elapsed to allow everyone to turn up, we were introduced to one of the flying doctors who use this service regularly. It seems that the Masons not only pay for the whole machine and equipment, but also the running costs associated with it - a sum running to several million pounds per annum. As it is they raise over £10m to keep things going, but are looking to expand the service and add a machine if possible. That done, we were allowed to wander around the Temple and admire the very impressive architecture of the main Hall, or "square" as I believe it's called. However, it's an evening that takes place entirely standing and, having arrived at 6pm the Clerk and I were tired by 8.15 and went to look for a curry near by...