Lord Mayor's Abseil Challenge

Friday 14th October 2016

Our redoubtable Renter and Third wardens decided to behave like a pair of lemmings for this charity event supported by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress. The idea was to abseil from the steeple of St. Lawrence Jewry - 100ft off the ground and 180 steps up a narrow and steep staircase. I arrived at 09.30am to find the intrepid duo had already ascended and were awaiting their turn. A modest but vocal crowd including the Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Senior Warden and others awaited their safe return and our Chaplain was praying - mostly for the safety of his clock dial, but it was just as well to have him on standby as there were no emergency services apparent. At 09.50 the familiar forms balanced precariously on the edge of the tower and down they came. They both seemed quite relaxed about it, Roger in proper extreme sports kit looked like he was in his natural environment, Andrew had gone for style over substance and very properly wore a collar and tie, what a Chap! They made it in about 5 mins and, in doing so, had raised over £1,000 thanks to our generous livery. Despite the early hour, both were keen recipients of a large and generous G&T. We spotted the Lord Mayor pottering around, so grabbed him for a snap, he seemed to be having a good day as it was all in mufti and he had no speeches to make! Well done boys - the succession is secured it seems!