Election Luncheon at Stationer's Hall

Thursday 29th September 2016

For some reason the timings slipped during the election and we left a good half hour late. the Senior Warden had already hot-footed it to Stationer's Hall and the Clerk and I gave chase as fast as we could. Only time for a quick gargle before and in we went, sharing a table with the Arbitrators - a nice bunch, as they should be I suppose! Welcomed by the Master, they were hosting 18 Companies today and he introduced each in turn to give a cheer - of course we all try to cheer louder than the last and, in my enthusiasm, I managed to smash PM Mark Gower-Smith's side plate!! Salmon, Lamb and something involving white chocolate was washed down with good French red and then the Master Baker thanked our hosts on our behalf. Whilst he acknowledged that the circumstantial evidence was strongly against one of his Company's liverymen having caused the Great Fire of London, he protested that were was no hard evidence and it wasn't really that bad, was it?! Stationers was of course one of the Halls burned down but, despite his report that they'd lost their records, the Master corrected the room by saying they have them going back well in to the 16th Century, so some good news there. Lunch finished close to 4pm and we were encouraged to push off as the caterers had to reset the room for a function later. So back to the office went I, my bike conveniently to hand.