The Supporters Breakfast: Guildhall

Thursday 29th September 2016

Masters and Clerks can, if they wish, attend a breakfast in the Guildhall Club before robing for the service and elections etc. My original plan to arrive at a relaxed 9am was shot down in flames by the Clerk who insisted I attend at 8am - all good Masters obey their Clerks and so it was that I had parked my motorcycle at Stationers Hall by 7.45am and walked to Guildhall to arrive by 7.55am. At this point I bumped into Master WC Engineers, Isabelle Pollolk-Hulf and quite forgot I was supposed to wait for ye Clerk... I was on my first glass of bucks fizz when her enquiring text arrived and I 'fessed up - Sorry Sandra! Everything at the breakfast was from Blackpool - Alderman Parmley's home town, and we had been kindly provided with souvenir mugs of the occasion - thank you Mark of Cook & Butler. At around 10am or so, filled to the brim with coffee, we trouped off to find a Beadle, a gown and a chain...