Armed Forces Flag Raising, Guildhall Yard, 15.30

Friday 24th June 2016

Lunch done, Ralph and I made short work of the brisk walk back to Guildhall Yard where the Combined Services were represented around an improvised parade square and which the Lord Mayor was addressing as we arrived. Despite placing ourselves as near to his right shoulder as we could, whatever he was saying was either intended for uniformed ears only, or they had much better hearing.. We got the gist of it and, and at a given signal, an RSM-type brought them all to attention, flags were raised and a marching band of the Grenadier Guards struck up a lively march and led the assembled personnel away. We noticed our own Chaplain, Canon David Parrott in attendance and I enclose a snap of him as he missed the Installation a week or two back. That all done, we broke up and went to find some tea....