Master Mariners Summer Reception

Thursday 16th June 2016

As I was booted, suited and badged to match, I had no hesitation is accepting Flavian's kind invitation issued after lunch at Drapers to the MM's Summer Reception. I just had time to return to the office, catch up, have tea, grab some cigars and ankle over to Temple. Arriving as requested just after 6pm, their Clerk Angus told me it wasn't starting until 6.30pm but to carry on as Mariners can't tell the time very well anyway - he being RN of course!. Up to the ever-familiar Quarter Deck I was well meet by a goodly crowd and was just chatting to Past Master Graham Pepper when I caught the unmistakable whiff of tobacco and there, at the stern, was IPM Jim Conybere enjoying what turned out to be one of my installation cigars, procured for him by a non-smoker. I immedately gave him an even larger one and we passed a very agreeable evening. Many intereresting characters including one lady who fell on my proffered pinch of snuff with an enthusiasm that surprised even me. As with all MM events, when the formal proceedings end, the informal ones continue in their well-stocked Ward Room. However, this time I had an even better offer as Flavian had invited me to join him and his delightful wife Yasmeen and another couple for a night cap in his personal sitting room. It was 11.45 before I stumbled into the drizzle and so home and to bed!