Golf Day at Tandridge

Monday 13th June 2016

Derek Harris is not only a fine Past Master of our Livery, but a Past Master at organising this extremely sociable day at his excellent local golf club, Tandridge ( - an oasis in the Surrey desert and a stones throw from London. Twenty of our finest/keenest golfers, including four ladies, arrived at 9am to compete for the Charles Rich Trophy and other prizes. One lady was obliged to retreat before the onset of a sharp downpour but the other hardy souls saw it through and the lucky ones completed the course before the next drenching arrived around 4 hours later. This was all well underway before the Mistress and I arrived at 12pm to be pressed with a G&T and, in my case a nice Cuban cigar. There were about ten of us non-players, so our convivial party was gradually enhanced as players arrived and dressed in blazers with Livery ties. Apart from golf, I was warned that this club was famed for its catering and the rumours did not lie: a magnificent spread awaited us - rare rib of beef, haunch of pork, tender leg of lamb etc. all with veggies to match, washed down with good claret and, if that wasn't enough the desserts were equally up to snuff.. the famous Tandridge Pudding nearly floored me and I couldn't touch the cheese.. Retreating to armchairs with coffee after lunch was over, I was delighted to present the prizes, too numerous to list here, save the overall Winner - and last years holder, Paul Taberer. The trophy was accompanied by a basket of wines and, as Pauls wife Sharon had also won a prize they returned home full loaded. It was getting on for half past four by this stage and so the main party broke up save a few souls who took advantage of the late afternoon sun to enjoy one more cigar overlooking the putting green. Thanks indeed to Derek for a lovely day and a word to non-players, it's worth coming along for the lunch alone next year but the golf is pretty goof too!