Ironbridge pt 2

Sunday 12th June 2016

12 June

After breakfast there were separate Master/Mistress meetings held to determine the "name" of our year of Masters. The 350th Anniversary of the Great Fire seemed to predominate as a theme and, after some deliberation and laughter, we settled on "Phoenix"; this was communicated to the ladies who promptly named themselves the "Firebirds". That done, each year elected a chairperson to coordinate future socials and appoint a committee to assist. Our Chairman, Master Pewterer, Mark Chambers, will do a splendid job and was warmly congratulated! That all being settled, there was an informal arrangement to go back to the Coalbrookdale Museum site and inspect The Costume Project. In fact, I was keen to see the Broseley Pipeworks which our Livery had supported generously when it was set up. Having said our goodbyes and set off in a steady drizzle, we reached our goal only to find it was closed until 1pm!!! Not wishing to spend three hours on a wet Sunday loitering around a charming carpark, we broke cover and set coordinates for home which we gained a little after 5pm having diverted for lunch on the Thames.