Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

Tuesday 24th May 2016

8,000 guests came to the beautiful Buckingham Palace gardens to enjoy tea in wonderful surroundings and, if you are on the right list, to be introduced to the Queen as she walks from the palace terrace to her tea tent following a winding path through the guests all skilfully managed by the Lord Chamberlain and the Gentlemen Ushers. One of the few occasions where we can wear a top hat with our morning dress and looking down at the crowds on the lawn from the terrace is a feast of smartness. The Queen's journey to her tea tent can take nearly 45 minutes as she spends time talking to selected guests. This of course is a special birthday year for her and she was accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge. Tea for the guests is served from an enormous tea tent and is one of the best teas in London. A real treat of an occasion and the chance to wander through the palace grounds which easily absorb the large numbers of guests and are a real oasis of peace in the middle of London.