The Cobham Lecture - Worshipful Company of Air Pilots

Tuesday 26th April 2016

The annual Cobham lecture hosted by the Worshipful Company of Air Pilots was held this year at the Royal Aeronautical Society. The speaker was Tracy Curtis-Taylor who flew her bi-plane, the Spirit of Artemis in the footsteps of Amy Johnson from England to Australia. It was a fascinating evening. Tracey had already flown the length of Africa and was about to set off for America to fly the famous mail routes. She braved everything that weather can throw at a pilot, hard landings, flip-overs and local bureaucracy as she navigated over 10,000 miles flying for hours each day often at no more than 500 feet. An incredible story illustrated by stunning images of her plane over the desert, the jungle and flying past the dramatic shape of Uluru in Australia which we grew up to call Ayers Rock. A great occasion and rounded off with a chance to meet the other guests and the speaker at a drinks reception.