The Welsh Livery Dinner

Friday 22nd April 2016

The Worshipful Livery Company of Wales, to give it its current title, were formed twenty two years ago as the Welsh Livery Guild. On their twentieth anniversary they were granted a Royal Charter and became the Worshipful Company and they have certainly proved their worth over the past twenty years in supporting young people in Wales through scholarships and bursaries. Their Company is completely embedded in the corporate and charitable fabric of the Principality. Twice a year the members visit London for a weekend of festivities. The first of their 2016 visits was last weekend and on Friday they held a dinner on board HMQ Wellington, an old friend and regular watering hall of our Company. I was told by my host, Past Master Glass Seller Gwen Rhys, who is married to Peter Rawlinson a recently admitted Liveryman of our Company, that it would be a jolly affair and it certainly was. It might a have been a distinctly chilly evening on the quarter deck but the welcome couldn't have been warmer and the dinner was really excellent. Mark Groves of Cook and Butler once again proved his worth as one of the premier caterers in the City. The guest of honour was past Aldermanic Sheriff and next Lord Mayor to be, if elected, Andrew Parmley, who gave a tour de force of a speech. The Mistress and I were warned that the Welsh Livery has a relaxed attitude to finishing times and we sat at the dinner table until well after 10:30 enjoying good company and just a little of the excellent wine.