Lord Mayor's Banquet

Thursday 10th March 2016

To a banquet at the Mansion House with the Lord Mayor. There must have been nearly 200 of us, Masters and Mistresses, at the annual banquet for the livery. A very special evening and a highlight event, not to be missed. Having had a rotten week of the classic winter flu virus and having had to cancel two events, a lunch with the Master Mariners and a dinner with the Furniture Makers, I recovered enough to stagger to the Mansion House and it was worth it. From time to time we have our annual banquet there and it is always a memorable occasion. The glittering silver and the chandeliers and the beautiful setting of the Egyptian Room is unbeatable. Also a good menu and very good wines. Many familiar faces as to be expected at this stage of my year and some very good speeches. Just the right length and content to make us smile. Many thanks to the Lord Mayor for being such a generous host.