Guildhall School of Music and Drama - Scholars' Recital

Tuesday 23rd February 2016

The Mistress and I went as guests to the scholars' recital at Milton Court, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama's wonderful theatre complex alongside the Barbican. Despite missing the first fifteen minutes due to a very late taxi getting us to the station we heard three of the four instrumentalists performing for us. Piano, Flute and an exceptional jazz group called the Midnight Swing Band. As always the talent of these young performers is quite exceptional as are the facilities and teachers they have. All the students talk of what a wonderful place the GSMD is with a huge collection of talent, both students and faculty in all aspects of music and drama performance. They are very lucky to be there but their incredible talents show how much they deserve to be there. We are proud to support our scholars, some of whom perform for us from time to time. Without us and the other Livery Companies who play such an important part in helping to finance the school these young people would not be able to afford a place. My abiding memory of last Tuesday is however the foot tapping, tune humming performance of the Midnight Swing Band. Just what we needed to wake us up on a cold evening and perfect for smooching away the early hours. Not that we were there into the early hours, although we did have a very pleasant hour after the performance to socialise with students and with other supporters. Perhaps they might come to our next banquet! Not my decision though. Already I am only too aware my year draws on and that choice will be for the next Master to make.