Visit to Treloars

Wednesday 10th February 2016

During their year of office every Lord Mayor visits Treloars in Holybourne, Hampshire. Treloars is a school and college for young people with disabilities and was set up by Lord Mayor Treloar a hundred years ago and whilst the local authority provides the majority of its funding the city still contributes a substantial amount to the school and every Lord Mayor is a trustee for the year. About 30 Masters accompanied the Lord Mayor on his visit and it was an incredible day. The work of the school and the development of young people with complex physical disabilities is quite remarkable.

We toured the facilities and saw a number of the specialized areas teaching young people art, business skills and music and had the chance after lunch to listen to a concert put on by a small group of the children. It was very moving to listen to their performance and we left with a lump in our throat it must be said. It was a real privilege to see the school and long may it thrive with our support