Smoking Cap and Stand

The Livery’s first Master’s smoking cap of quilted brown velvet was supplied by Dunn & Company. It was presented to the Livery (together with the briar wood cap stand) in 1970 by Bill Wilson after his year as Master.

In 2007, then Master Richard Tranter presented the Company with a new scarlet smoking cap, supplied by Hunters & Frankau. He also donated five additional caps to be worn by the Wardens on occasions such as the Lord Mayor’s Show. The delicate badge from the original cap was transferred carefully to the Master’s new cap. A gold tassel was added to each of the new caps to co-ordinate with the Livery’s official colours.

The smoking cap stand is made from briar wood (the material traditionally used to make wooden pipes). It comprises four pipes supporting a briar block for the smoking cap. Our Company's stand was hand-carved at the Alfred Dunhill pipe factory in Plaistow, East London. It was presented to the Livery by Past Master Bill Wilson in 1970. The stand is traditionally placed on the high table in front of the Master at banquets. After the smoking cap ceremony, the Master places the cap on its stand for the remainder of the evening.