Who We Are

The Worshipful Company of Tobacco Pipe Makers & Tobacco Blenders is one of the City of London’s renowned Livery Companies. Like all Livery Companies, we encourage fellowship, support charity and education, and play an integral role in the City of London’s governance.

Our Company was originally founded in 1619 as a trade association tasked with regulating the manufacture of clay pipes. Since that time, we were twice dissolved and re-established, and so - despite our 17th century origins - we are now listed as a Modern Livery Company having been re-formed in 1954.

We are proud of our heritage and our 400-year history, and we enjoy many of the same traditions as our predecessors. However, we also see ourselves as a forward-looking Company which plays an active and relevant role in the daily life of the City of London.

Our Company is nowadays associated with all aspects of the UK tobacco trade, including leaf growers, merchants and blenders; tobacco and paper manufacturers; pipe makers; snuff blenders; cigar importers and retail tobacconists.

Our membership extends beyond our own trade, and we welcome both smoking and non-smoking members, either with a general interest in the tobacco industry or the Livery movement.

Our Latin motto is Producat Terra (Out of the Earth).

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